Saturday, April 26, 2008

Being Present

This shadow boxed is filled with jaw bones of small animals, and stones and tube worm casings and marbles found on the beach. The beach is a lovely place to find objects. I often come across bits of ceramic bowls and cups and even old dinner ware. I've found flow blue and roseville. I've found tiny bottles and glass stoppers. On the beach there are agates--you have to look hard at first, but then after awhile, they seem to appear without trying. I think this is like life--if you look too hard, you don't see. It's that soft focus that lets everything in--sort of a Buddhist meditation practice of sorts. Letting life in without resisting. Recently I read in a meditation book that nothing can stick--it just keeps going through--because we are energy. Interesting to think about. As an artist, it is the resistance that blocks the work. So letting go is the best--letting things come in--be like a window.

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