Thursday, March 20, 2008

Rose of Watervein: copywrite Aug. 2007

The painting process: Tape down the paper with removable masking tape. This will give you a clean edge when you are finished painting. The tape should not be left on the paper for a long period, I remove mine the following day. Most of my small pieces are painted in an hour. This one includes metallic paint by Daniel Smith and other acrylic paints. I like painting with acrylic instead of water color, because the colors are more intense. I can also get texture with the acrylics.

Once the paper is taped to the table, I begin painting. My process is to not think. Like my writing, beginning with knowing nothing is better for me as an artist, than to think up what I will do. Then everything is fresh and bold. Brush strokes are alive, vibrant, confident. Try a painting a day, like a writing practice. A short piece, perhaps ten minutes worth of words on the paper a day. Paint fast, write fast.

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