Monday, March 3, 2008

Acrylic Painting: Birch Reflection

In the woods, standing water reflects a stand of paper birch. It is fall, and my friend, Charlie, who paints very large oil paintings, shot a nice photo of the trees reflecting in standing water. Leaves were floating on the surface. I wish I'd kept a sketch journal of our treks into the woods together. We'd cross streams and shuffle through brush, all in the name of a good shot for a painting. The paint in this piece is Windsor Newton Acrylic, the liquid type in tiny plastic bottles. The paper is Arches 80# cold press. I taped off a border with removable masking tape, painted for about an hour, removed the tape the following day when the piece was good and dry. When the tape come up, the crisp edge is a thrill to see, and the painting really pops out.


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